Strange things happen on Bald Mountain. There are lights where there are supposed to be none. You may hear cries of animals no one has ever seen before. If you ever spend a night in Bald Mountain you might find out you had no business being there. When you have your first sip to Bald Mountain Shine you might have wished you could be there.

Well, they say the lights could be fires under the moonshine stills on the mountains. The cries of animals? Perhaps the whooping of some real happy mountain folks when those first drops of that clean, clear shine drips off the still spout. Regarless, you can share their joy with just a sip or two of Bald Mountain Shine.
Bald Mountain Shine bottle

Bald Mountain Shine
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Like tasting cornbread out of a bottle, this moonshine is quick to warm you up. At 100 proof, it doesn't mess around. It can be sipped straight or used in a cocktail. This white corn whiskey is just like they used to make it up on Bald Mountain.

Bald Mountain Peach Mango bottle

Bald Mountain Peach Mango

Bald Mountain Peach Mango Shine is a our Bald Mountain Shine with the sweet blend of all-natural peach and mango flavors. Enjoy it straight or use it in a cocktail.


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