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Phil Prichard with new Rum Bottles

Prichard’s Distillery Announces
Release of American Craft Rum Series

June 2021

Phil Prichard, Head Distiller/Founder at Prichard’s Distillery announces the release of his American Craft Rum Series.

“We are excited about our American Craft Rum Series release. Producing rum in the tradition of American Rum makers from the 1776 Era makes Prichard’s Rums puts 200 years of American Rum making in every bottle.” said Phil Prichard, Head Distiller/Founder at Prichard’s Distillery.

About Prichard’s American Craft Rums

Prichard’s American Craft Rums are produced from 100% table grade molasses, just like 1776 American Rum makers in colonial America.

Prichard’s Fine Rum is a historically accurate recreation of the Colonial rums produced over 200 years ago. We use the finest water in Tennessee and premium table grade molasses to create our rum, which is then aged at least four (4) years in hand-made charred white oak casks.Cranberry Rum Bottles These barrels, provide the rich, full body flavor that is our famous Fine Rum. Prichard’s Fine Aged is a great sipping rum.

Prichard’s Crystal Rum is made with the finest grade molasses. Even if you are not accustomed to drinking rum straight, you may find Prichard’s Crystal Rum to be quite refreshing. The clean, smooth finish makes Prichard’s Crystal Rum a perfect spirit for today’s artisan cocktails.

spiced rum Prichard’s Cranberry, Peach Mango, and Key Lime Rums are naturally flavored bringing innovation and new flavors to the category.

Prichard’s Spiced Rum. A Traditional New England styled spiced rum. Very much at home in a mug of hot apple cider or the favorite, Hot Buttered Rum, early market sampling has generated considerable interest in this tasty spiced rum with a suggestion of cinnamon, nutmeg and just a hint of vanilla.


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