Phil Prichard
Phil Prichard

President and Master Distiller

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Phil's 1st still

With commitment to hand crafted quality, Prichard’s Distillery has undertaken the production of true, pot stilled whiskies, distilled in the traditions and styles of the master distillers of an earlier time.

bottles through the yearsThrough the years we have had many different styles of bottles. Keeping with the “hand crafted” feel and setting our spirits to be unique among a myriad of look-alike bottles on retail shelves and behind bars. Prichard’s Distillery newest bottle is a reasonable recreation of a hand-blown early American bottle. Made from amber glass to help protect our spirits from deterioration by light.
Benjamin Prichard Five generations ago, when Granddaddy Benjamin Prichard of Davidson County, Tennessee passed his “still, tubs and utensils thereto” to his son Enoch, his will of 1822 provided documentation of the last known “legal” distiller in the Prichard Family. Ben made his whiskey with a high sugar content white corn, pure Tennessee spring water and it was distilled using ancient pot still techniques.

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