Phil’s background includes service in the U.S. Navy serving aboard the USS Yorktown during the Viet Nam conflict, undergraduate studies at Memphis State University and 30 years as President and CEO of a successful business in the dental industry.      

As Founder of the Corporation, Phil is the individual most responsible for the research and development of its product, its recipes and its formulas.  His research further included the design and construction of the unique experimental still that enabled the product to be developed.

He became interested in the distilled beverage industry in 1993 and has devoted considerable time to researching its products, manufacturing techniques and to a study of successful companies in the industry.  Recognizing that this was a difficult industry for the entrepreneur to enter, Phil has emulated the best of his research, developed superior techniques where necessary and he has developed the Corporation’s product to be one of the finest of its type.

He is prepared to continue with the Corporation’s development with the necessary information of federal, state and local requirements, the production skills and the knowledge of techniques essential to operate a distillery.  Phil has the business savvy and wisdom needed to bring qualified professional and businessmen together to form a successful corporation.

In our commitment to quality, I often note my Father’s advise: “If you are proud of it, put your name on it!” I have consistently let that be my watchword in the production of spirits produced by Prichard’s Distillery. If our family name is on the bottle, it is my commitment to its quality.


11 Kelso Smithland Road
Kelso, TN 37348

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