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Let us make your Whiskey, Rum or Brandy!

Have you ever thought about distilling your own barrel of Private Stock, Whiskey? How about a nice Single Malt, Spicy Rye, finest Rum in the world, or a Brandy? Producing and owning your own Private Barrel of distilled spirits embarks you on an exciting venture sure to impress your friends and busines associates. Prichard's Distillery provides a wonderful opportunity to own your own Private Stock, custom distilled spirit. You, your friends or spirit club can own a barrel of newly distilled whiskey, aged to your specifications and even select your type of distilled spirit you would like.


Let Prichard's Distillery mash the grains, ferment the mash, and distill the spirit for you. We will put it in a proper barrel, charred with a 3 mm alligator char and age it in our warehouse for 4 years or more, reaching the perfection of quality, flavor and taste. It's your call.

When it's ready, we will dump it's contents, bottle it and label it according to your own custom designed label. These bottles will be shipped to a retailer in your area with the barrel itself, including a nicely engraved brass plaque and a certificate of quality of the spirit.

To protect your investment in the production of your barrel, upon its production, you will receive a Certified Barrel Warehouse Receipt denoting its day of production, type of spirit and its location in our warehouse.


During the ageing process, a certain amount of the spirit in each barrel evaporates through the oak. Distillers refer to this portion as the "Angels' Share". A twenty year old malt whiskey, for example can lose up to 40% of its volume just to evaporation. Though it's tough to see those wonderful spirits just evaporate into the air the exact amount of spirit lost depends on factors such as temperature and the quality of the cask. So how many bottles can you expect from a barrel? It's a hard number to pin down to an exact number of bottles, On average, a barrel yields 252 bottles of 750 ml whiskey; other spirits a similar yeild. To insure your investment in our Private Barrel Program, we can reinforce the yeild with addition of a proportional amount of spirit to insure that the yield will be a minimum of 250 bottles of deliciousness.


For further information regarding the production of your own Private Stock contact:

Prichard's Distillery
P.O. Box 100
11 Kelso Smithland Road
Kelso, Tennessee 37348


11 Kelso Smithland Road
Kelso, TN 37348

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