sweet lucy bottle

Sweet Lucy

Sweet Lucy’s legacy has been flowing up and down the Mississippi flyway for years, warming the bodies and souls of outdoorsmen for generations. Born in a duck blind and a frequent companion on duck hunts, variations of Sweet Lucy were generally homemade elixirs of peaches, oranges and apricots with lots of sugar and whiskey. Great pride would often be displayed by its maker as the bottle made its rounds for a sip among friends. Our Sweet Lucy Liqueur is no different. It has become our most popular product, due to this fact, for every bottle we sell a portion of the proceeds goes to the non-profit organization, A Soldier’s Child.

sweet lucy cream bottle

Sweet Lucy Cream

Sweet lucy Cream is an extension of our Sweet Lucy with a wonderful rich Wisconsin cream added. This liqueur is great just out of the bottle, wonderful in coffee, over ice cream, or keep it in the freezer, it's almost like liquid ice cream.

sweet lucifer bottle

Sweet Lucifer

Sweet Lucifer was created for our friends that love explosive flavors. Sweet Lucifer is our version of the cinnamon whiskey craze. It's made with a wonderful imported Chinese ginger and a little cassia to bring up the heat. Sweet Lucifer has flavors that are wild and wicked.

praline cream liqueur bottle

Praline Cream Liqueur

Prichard's Praline Cream Liqueur is truly decadence in a bottle, our praline cream is a wonderful blend of all that it takes to make a New Orleans Praline. Brown sugar, butter, rich cream, exotic vanilla and Georgia pecans are all flavors we have intergrated. Serve it neat, ice cold from the freezer, in coffee or over ice cream.

fudge brownie cream liqueur bottle

Prichard's Fudge
Brownie Cream Liqueur

Prichard's Fudge Brownie Cream Liqueur is produced with our lady friends in mind. It's rich creamy texture is due to the wonderful Wisconsin sweet cream combined with delicious chocolate, vanilla and other wonderful flavors, necessary to make homemade fudge brownies.

peanut butter cream pie liqueur bottle

Prichard's Peanut
Butter Cream Pie Liqueur

Prichard's Peanut Butter Cream Pie liqueur is truly a sip of pie. The wonderful Wisconsin sweet cream combined with delicious chocolate and peanut butter make this liqueur a slice of heaven.


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