Alembic Brandy bottle

Alembic Brandy

Distilled in our Fontanel Distillery's alembic still by Master Distiller, Simon Palmer. Palmer. is one of the foremost best cognac tasters and specialists in the world. As the founding executive director of the University of Eaux de vie outside of Cognac, France, he lectures on the production and tasting of various spirits and has gained respect from the Cognac industry. He was master blender for Cognac ABK6, Born in New Zealand and naturalized French, Simon Palmer is also a journalist and panelist for international Wine Competitions and was instrumental in helping us commence production at the Fontanel facility.

Distilled from a wonderful Catawba Wine produced in New York by a noted vintner there, we have had a number of visitors from Europe, including Germany, Belgium, Spain as well as France; all of whom have given our Brandy very high praise for its quality. Some have described its particular richness of aroma and flavor not unlike some very fine aged cognacs.


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